Vision & Mission

ELN-PDRC Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

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The Vision

The vision of this institution is "Become A Center of Excellence of Positive Deviance Approach in The Region”

The Missions

In achieving the stated vision, Positive Deviance Resource Centre (PDRC) Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, offers the following services:

  1. Education and Training Program
  2. Research, Seminar, and Workshop
  3. Community services
  4. Information of Dissemination

In House Training Positive Deviance

PDRC FKM UI is running training for people who want to learn and implementation positive deviance approach.  The course takes places at Instiuition which invited PDRC’s facilitator or another location.

For more information, download the leaflet: In house Training Positive Deviance or contact PDRC email :