Nusa Tenggara Province is one of the provinces in Indonesia having the highest malnutrition prevalence, not only among under-five children but also among women of reproductive age. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) had implement  a four year USAID funded food assisted Maternal and Child health and nutrition focused Development Activities Program (DAP) in Belu and TTU district.

To assess the impact of Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition Program, CRS held Endline Survey collaborated with Positive Deviance Resource Centre (PDRC FKM UI). The result from this survey will be compared with the baseline survey conducted before the intervention.

The design of the study is a cross sectional. The sample size was 720 obtained from 30 randomly selected villages in two districts which were similar villages with the baseline survey. From each selected villages, 30 children of fewer than five years old were randomly selected.

The results showed that the prevalence of stunting and underweight were 48.2% and 40.8% respectively, which is considered as severe public health problems. The prevalence of anemia among under five children was 38.8% and among women was 62.2%. Even though it has been improved as compared with the baseline, it is still considered as severe public health problem.

Training conducted because the role of good interviewers is very important to obtain good quality data, to have good understanding about the study, purpose the study, the basic principles or research, sampling and selection procedurs, interviewer and respondent biases.

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Endline Survey Gallery | Role play how to conduct good interview with the respondent
Endline Survey Gallery | Focus group discussion (FGD) with mother of under five children
Endline Survey Gallery | Interview with mother  under five children
Endline Survey Gallery | Enumerator also observed the house, environment and the respondent life syle ( like washing hand)
Endline Survey Gallery | Blood Test sampling
Endline Survey Gallery | Indepth Interview with Old Woman

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