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PD Profile in Indonesia (Collaboration with NGO)

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Positive deviance introduced in Indonesia since 2002. Many organization use this approach to solve the problem in their program. Here the profile of their program since 2002:

Mercy Corps
•    Profile PD in Indonesia
•    Profile PD at Kembangan District

Catholic Relief Services
•    Profile PD at Kupang

Islamic Relief
•    Profile PD in Indonesia

PLAN Indonesia

•    Profile PD at Sikka District
•    Profile PD at Banda Aceh
•    Profile PD at Sikka, Lembata, and Dompu NTT

Save The Children
•    Profile PD at Garut
•    Profile PD at Subang
•    Profile PD at Sukabumi
•    Profile PD at Bekasi
•    Profile PD at Cimahi


Profile PD at Nias